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My Pony Party

Sydney's Premiere Pony Party and Pony Hire Service
Horse and Trail Riding in the relaxing Sydney Hills
Adorable Ponies and Horses For All Occasions


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Today's Specials
Perfect Ponies for Any Party
Book today and get this
special pony hire offer
Check the request box to receive a mini pony free of charge for grooming and dress up activity.  This is a real treat for the kids.

* Offer 1 : 2 ponies at your venue for 1 hour for $242
* Offer 2 : 2 ponies at your venue for 1.5 hours for $330
To enjoy these great offers please use the online form below to book you event.
 * This offer includes your pony handler, GST and 30 minutes travel time in each direction to and from your site. 
If you want pricing that includes all travel and other charges please refer to our Pony Parties page here and scroll down.
For this Today's Special Offer additional charges will apply for any additional travel at a rate of $88 per hour, standard travel times apply .
Travel within Sydney metropolitan area will not incur additional travel charges of more than $88 travel maximum for any booking, travel is calculated as per www.whereis.com.au average non tollway travel time from our site in Galston to your site.
* For a limited time only, this offer applies to any booking for **listed appointment times on business weekdays Monday to Friday and Saturday,
offer does not apply to not Sundays or public holidays. If you want ot book on Sundays please refer here for Sunday options.
** Listed appointment times for Offer 1 are for any 1 hour on any normal weekday Monday to Friday or Saturday at 10am, 12 noon, 2pm or 4pm. 
** Listed appointment times for Offer 2 are for any 1.5 hours on any weekday Monday to Friday or Saturday at 10am, 12.30pm, or 3pm.
** We reserve the right to alter appointment times to suit bookings within a 30 minute time frame of any requested booking time, no alterations to times will be permitted less than 7 days prior to any booking.

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1 hour hire of 2 ponies - available times
1.5 hour hire of 2 ponies - available times

  • My Pony Party value your privacy and agree never to pass on your details to third parties for any reason unless legally required.
  • My Pony Party accept your booking and agree to provide the services requested subject to our terms and conditions.
  • My Pony Party value your custom and will provide the services requested in a timely manner.
  • Any changes to your booking must be made no later than 14 days prior to your booking, including cancellations.

Please add a free mini pony for grooming and dressup.
I confirm this booking and agree to pay the fee for the services I have booked.
I accept this offer and agree to pay a 50% deposit no later than 14 days prior to this booking.
I agree to further contact by email or phone for the purposes of this booking and other promotions.

Life on the farm and out at events

Ponies/AusDayStables.jpg Ponies/ArellaOnMac.jpg Ponies/gazebo1.jpg Ponies/AlexiRideChucky.jpg
Ponies/AlexiHelmet555.JPG Ponies/BambiAlexi570.jpg Ponies/Gracie.jpg Ponies/JellyAnisia.jpg
Ponies/Piggies.JPG Ponies/Puppy.JPG Ponies/WelshPonyChestnut.jpg Ponies/IMG1461.jpg
Ponies/Trailriding.jpg Ponies/IMG0510.jpg Ponies/IMG0484.jpg Ponies/IMG0513.jpg
Ponies/Photo0058.jpg Ponies/goat.jpg Ponies/minisandpoppy2.jpg Ponies/Ranishaded.jpg
Ponies/Chuckypaddock.jpg Ponies/Auroraholly.jpg Ponies/Chuckynew.jpg Ponies/GenesaSugarandAnisia.JPG
Ponies/ChuckyandArella.JPG Ponies/ChuckyandAnisiaTobyandArella2.JPG Ponies/ChuckyandAnisiaTobyandArella.JPG Ponies/ChuckyandAnisia2.jpg
Ponies/ChuckyandAnisia.JPG Ponies/BrockandFlower.JPG Ponies/BambiandPoppy.JPG Ponies/AuroraSugarandAnisia.JPG
Ponies/AnisiaandArellabirthday.JPG Ponies/Chucky.gif Ponies/AuroraandDiamond.jpg Ponies/ArellaandJelly.jpg

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